We are a team of six researchers from four universities with a range of disciplinary backgrounds, led by Dr Angeliki Balayannis in Geography at the University of Exeter. Our expertise spans waste management, biosecurity, public health, and environmental politics. We work with a range of different public and stakeholder groups, including waste workers and managers, local government, national authorities, and industry associations.

Dr Angeliki Balayannis, University of Exeter (Principle Investigator)
Angeliki Balayannis is a geographer and social scientist at the University of Exeter, specialising in the material politics of waste and pollution. She employs interdisciplinary and ethnographic approaches to interrogate the ways in which waste and pollution are managed, sensed, and governed. Her research has investigated waste economies and infrastructures across the UK, Tanzania, Poland, and Greece.

Professor Steve Hinchliffe, University of Exeter
Steve Hinchliffe is a geographer and social scientist at the University of Exeter with specialisms in science and technology studies, risk, health and human-nonhuman relations. He is an elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. He is a member of the UK Government DEFRA Social Science Expert Group as well as its Scientific Advisory Committee on Exotic Diseases.

Dr Toni Gladding, The Open University
Toni Gladding is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Engineering, researching waste management emissions and public health issues. Toni has researched issues surrounding bioaerosols, health, and waste management since 1993.  She is currently Chair of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management special interest group on health and safety in waste management, and Secretary to the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) forum.

Dr Thom Davies, University of Nottingham
Thom Davies is an Assistant Professor in Geography at the University of Nottingham specialising in environmental and political geography. He researches social and environmental issues, specialising in toxic geography, environmental justice, and refugee displacement. He has conducted qualitative research with marginalised communities in polluted landscapes including Chernobyl in Ukraine and ‘Cancer Alley’ in Louisiana, USA.

Dr Emma Garnett, King’s College London
Emma Garnett is a Research Fellow in the School of Population Health and Environmental Sciences at King’s College London. She conducts ethnographic research of social and environmental public health issues, leading qualitative interdisciplinary research with academic and non-academic partners. She is particularly interested in creative data practices and interdisciplinary methodologies for building impactful social science research on pollution.

Dr Philip J Nicholson, University of Exeter
Philip J Nicholson is a Research Fellow in Geography at the University of Exeter. He is trained as an artist, and deploys creative practice as a tool of enquiry. His research has developed creative geovisualisation as a method of working collaboratively and creatively to map social and physical data sets. He is interested in the dense power relations within which geospatial technologies are deployed, and how communities can, and are allowed to, engage with such technologies.

The Project Advisory Panel
The project is also overseen by an Advisory Panel, with expertise across public health (Prof. Judith Green, Exeter); the UK waste industry (Pat Jennings, Chartered Institution of Wastes Management); local authorities (Antony Buchan, London Waste and Recycling Board); global waste economies (Prof. Josh Lepawsky, Memorial University of Newfoundland); policy-making (Prof. Claire Dunlop, Exeter); pollution (Dr David Santillo, Greenpeace Research Laboratories, Exeter); and GIS (Dr Damien Mansell, Exeter).